Kronom has dark and industrial written all over his name, from being a master in the crafting of spacious universes of dark-influenced sounds to being one of the fastest growing DJs in the techno scene from Macedonia.

Dimitar Nikolov started to produce music around 2009 and by now he has left behind many creations in the fields of techno, ambient, drone, dubstep, drum and bass and even power electronics. The industrial and dark signature of his sound is oftenly heard fused with other styles and genres defining the borders of what rules are. He started with DJing in 2016 and by the next year he played with Samuel Kerridge and Not Waving in Serbia’s most known techno club Drugstore. Throughout his career as a DJ he appeared with the names of Shifted, Samuel Kerridge, Inigo Kennedy, Ancient Methods, Rommek, Ontal, Drew McDowall, Laker and many others.

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Keep Falling Asleep EP

Japanese Acid Person
6th Aug 2019

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